Journey 22 – 10 mile beach and peninsula walk

To celebrate Father’s day and the longest day of the year we combined our walk with an overnight stop on a nearby peninsula. We set off in the early evening and walked along the beach from Berrow to Brean Down, battling against the strong sea breeze. After a steep climb up the dramatic piece of land that juts out into the Bristol channel, we cooked a quick tea and bedded down for the night in our bivvy bags, gazing along the coast to the lights of Weston-Super-Mare and across the water to the glowing cities of Cardiff and Newport in South Wales.
In the morning (the earliest sunrise of the year!), we explored the Brean Down peninsula, walking to the end where the remains of fort buildings still stand. Here we cooked our porridge before heading back along the road to our starting point.
Another 10 miles to add to our total, 10 miles of fresh air plus a mini adventure camp out.
This journey was completed as part of our 500 Fresh Air Miles Challenge.