Journey 24 – 6 miles to Holywell Bay

This journey took place near Newquay, famous for its pristine beaches and awesome waves. It is also surrounded by quaint Cornish towns and villages, one of which we used as an opportunity for our next leg in our Fresh Air Miles challenge.

Skirting the nearby M.O.D property, our chosen footpath wound for 3 miles through fields, dunes and occasionally followed the odd road, to the coastal village Holywell (pronounced Holy-well, not Holly-well as we originally thought.) After first walking along the country road from our Caravan Club site, and experiencing the problems of the typical Cornish high-sided-and-narrow lanes when a car passed by, we soon joined a path cutting across farmers’ fields to Cubert before picking up the road down to Holywell.

Then it was a few hours spent on the beach there, cooking and swimming before re-tracing our footsteps back to the site. It may not have been the longest of our journeys in the challenge, but we experienced more of the local countryside in this region than we would have had we driven.

By Amy