Journey 25 – 5.5 miles to St Michael’s Mount

After previously driving past St Michaels Mount we thought it looked like a unique walk so we decided to add a few miles onto our 500 fresh air miles challenge by walking to it and back again one day during our stay in Marrizion.

We walked down the country lanes next to the Caravan Club Site and headed through fields and until we reached a small part of Marrizion where St Michael’s Mount is located. There is a causeway across to the island, which means you have the excitement of only having a certain amount of time to cross there and back again before the tide comes in.

After crossing to the mount and looking around the village we ate lunch on the nearby pebbles. There was a relaxing sound of crashing waves, Seagulls calling and children playing on the beach opposite. We saw the occasional delivery lorry trundling over the cobblestone path to deliver the village’s goods while the tide was out.

When we had finished climbing over big rocks on the way back across the beach we went back onto the country lanes once more and plodded back to the caravan site admiring the towering foxgloves lining the lanes and stroking the gorgeous horses that stuck their heads over gates and hedge rows.

By Ella