Journey 28 – 2.5 mile town trail

So, where is Blackbeard’s secret scroll hidden? That was the aim of the pirate treasure trail that we did in nearby seaside town Brixham.

Town trails are a great way to get to know a new town. Rather than wander down the main streets taking in the usual tourist attractions, they lead you down the back alleys to reveal a little bit of history about the place.

Trail in hand, Amy and Ella guided us around central Brixham, past The Golden Hind (replica ship), up steps, down narrow cliff top streets, through gardens and past beautiful bays, gathering up the seven clues as we went along. The aim was to not only find the seven clues in order to discover where the Pirate Blackbeard had hidden his secret scroll and therefore claim a prize but also clock up those extra couple of fresh air miles. We certainly got our fresh air, some exercise and a dose of maritime history along the way as well as a little reward for the hard work!
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