Journey 29 – Drake’s Trail – 42 mile cycle ride

We were back on two wheels again for the our latest, longish leg towards the 500 mile target. Arriving early morning at Dartmoor Cycles, conveniently located close to Drake’s Trail, we were kitted out with a range of bikes and helmets. We left the shop at Tavistock and headed along Drake’s Trail, a 21 mile cycle and walking route that led to Plymouth. The trail was named after the Elizabethan sea-farer Francis Drake since it passed his birth place and the house which he owned when he died; there are many references to the man along the way. The trail crossed high bridges over rivers and wooded valleys, weaved through moorland where Dartmoor ponies and sheep happily munched on grass, oblivious to passers-by, and through built up areas as it entered and left the urban sections, making it a varied and interesting ride.

Hats off to Tim and Amy who cycled the full length to Plymouth and back – 42 miles. Ella did a great job of over 21 miles and I excitedly got to ride an electric bike, pulling a trailer with the gear in. Since this is a non-motorised challenge I did have to turn the electric engine off most of the way and did my fair share of the peddling!