Journey 30 – 5 miles in Dartmoor

We had all been craving a night under canvas and with Dartmoor nearby, were keen to set off into the only official place where wild camping is legal in England. With camping gear loaded into rucksacks, we left Postbridge and wandered through the countryside, leaving behind the hoards of tourists taking photographs of the old Medieval clapper bridge. We passed fellow walkers and even campers before settling on a picturesque, flat, grassy bank of the river East Dart. A group of Dartmoor ponies watched bemused as we pitched up our tent and spent the next few hours amusing ourselves building boats out of river reeds, playing grass javelin, running around playing tig and other traditional games and walking up the nearby hill to admire the view and our setting for a camp out.

After a good night’s sleep, we set off at a leisurely pace back to the van, feeling content to have spent a night out in the wilderness of Dartmoor National Park and content to have added another 5 miles to our total.