Journey 34 – 10 miles around the Cotswolds Water Park area

When you see the Cotswold Water Park on a map, it’s a sprawl of once excavated gravel pits now filled with water and used for recreational and wildlife activities. It’s home to water fowl and water sports of all kinds. But our visit on this damp and windless day was embark on a 10 mile walk around this area – along lane, around lakes and often on National Cycle Path 45.
It was the ideal place to walk – dog friendly and flat and with plenty to look out for and talk about. It was also long enough so as to clock up a substantial number of fresh air miles towards our 500 mile target.
Kids don’t really like long walks – actually, many adults don’t to tell the truth – but Amy and Ella know how to knuckle down, persevere and importantly, make the most of a situation. Today they showed that spirit and it was great to see. They map-read, threw stones into water, grabbed some time on a playground, chatted, sang and most importantly of all carried on without moaning – even during the rain! It was a joy to complete this journey with them.
And with this 10 miles added to our total, we are down to the final 40 miles. The end is in sight. Onwards!