Journey 35 – 16 miles return ticket to Oxford

Scootering is great exercise that gives great satisfaction – especially in a city like Oxford that has some of the nicest, smoothest cycle paths we have encountered. In fact, we described one section of cycle path as being as silky and smooth as the chocolate in a Galaxy chocolate bar!
As we glided from our site in Woodstock (Oxfordshire not USA) into the centre of Oxford (as we try to complete 500 Fresh Air Miles) we enjoyed the conversations we had (one about a 17th Century coaching inn and mile post) and the views we witnessed (circling buzzard, low flying light aircraft, another boy racer pointlessly accelerating rapidly and braking heavily within the distance you could spit. We saw sun-bleached Cotswolds countryside and recently harvested corn fields become avenues lined with sandstone dwellings and University buildings for the high achievers.. And we felt hip extensor and thigh muscles start to feel the strain. We also got more than one look of distain from overly serious looking cyclists that seemed displeased by having to share their cycle lanes with… non-cyclists… infiltrators of the non Lycra-clad kind. We just smiled and said ‘Hello’ and concentrated on enjoying our journey as best we could.
We saw many a tourist on bus excursions or locals travelling on public transport, but today, scootering in the sun, missing the traffic jams and stressed drivers in a rush but going nowhere fast, we knew our scooter journey into Oxford and back was the THE ticket!