Journey 37 – 16 miles scooter ride

We’re getting close!

Today’s 16 mile scooter journey was a tough one. In lots of places the path was broken, muddy and therefore difficult to scooter on. The strong wind also made life difficult – especially on the return leg when it was full on into our faces.

But, the girls didn’t falter and showed the drive and determination that we have come to expect from them. And this in lots of ways is why we embarked on a longterm endurance(ish) kind of challenge – to push ourselves.

Of course, raising money for Tree Aid Africa through our Just Giving page and for Tijhza village in Morocco that we visited last December with Exodus Travels helps to keep us motivated and focused.

Also keeping us going was the knowledge that on completion of today’s journey we’d only have 4 miles left to complete.

And do we have a special last journey planned!