Journey 7: 7 mile ridge walk

Castleton ridge walk

This 7 mile circular ridge walk took in Losehill, Hollins Cross and the spectacular Mam Tor, before returning to Castleton.

Hope Valley, a valley formed by melt water and ice from the last Ice Age (approx 12,000 years ago), is full of caves, pot holes and caverns and is a very dramatic backdrop for this walk. The views from the ridge are amazing, particularly the view from the landslip-ridden Mam Tor (also known as the ‘mother hill’); the Kinder plateau, the highest point in the Dark Peak area, feels in touching distance across Edale. Hollins Cross, the lowest part of the ridge, forms a crossroads of paths and was actually the place were, in days gone by, the dead were carried from Edale to Castleton for burial (as Edale didn’t have it’s own cemetery at the time).

So, another 7 miles are nibbled off our challenge target of 500 miles, a challenge we set ourselves and one which will raise £500 for Tree Aid Africa and £1000 for Exodus’ Tijhza Village Project.

This journey was completed as part of our 500 Fresh Air Miles Challenge. Please help us raise £500 for Tree Aid Africa by donating here.