Kids need help to find their “I CAN” super power

From thinking “Can I?” to believing “I CAN!”

Design for Change (DFC) is an innovative and exciting project for children that might just change the world! It aims to empower children by helping them make a shift towards an ‘I Can’ mindset.

Through DFC project work, children learn to believe in themselves, their potential and their abilities to solve problems. By encouraging children to use design thinking they design solutions to problems in their community and then make it happen.

Here’s an example of a project from a school in Singapore.

More than just academic achievement

Design for Change recognises children not only for their academic achievements but more importantly, for being socially aware and proactive change agents in their community.

It promotes enquiry-based learning and overlaps neatly with Investors in Pupils aims and values.

Design for Change encourages:

  • Passion and compassion
  • Doing well and doing good
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Collaboration and team work

Projects don’t have to be huge or complicated

School children can achieve change and a positive impact if they are encouraged to.

Perfect for families, too

Design for Change doesn’t just have to take place in a school context. In fact, working as a family on a DFC project can be a very rewarding way to spend quality time together.

Find out how to enjoy the  “I CAN” Summer Challenge as a family task.

Why don’t you get involved? Start by visiting the Design For Change UK website.

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