LEARN about climate change

What’s happening to our planet?

Climate Change is a topical issue at the moment with environmental marches taking place to raise awareness and a United Nations summit to discuss proposals for how to combat the issue that is facing our planet.

We are keen supporters of helping the environment and did some learning around the issue this week so that we felt more informed when listening to the news, reading articles and discussing it with others.

We watched a TED talk that Al Gore delivered in 2008, two years after he released the film, The Inconvenient Truth (also worth watching). In it he explains the effects that global warming is having on the planet and talks passionately about what we can and should do to prevent it.
Al Gore

To help the girls get a better understanding of the science involved we also watched a couple of informative videos:

Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye, the Science Guy
A child friendly, clearly explained scientific explanation of what climate change is.

How does Global warming affect animals? – Earth Unplugged
Looks at how the rise in temperatures is affecting different animals around the world and their habitats.

How do we stop climate change? – Brit Lab
An unusual and entertaining “science and techy” selection of ideas to help stop climate change.

If you’re keen to find out more on this topic, have a look and listen to the videos above and think about what you could do to help with the cause.