Let’s REMOVE plastic bottles from the natural environment

Sick of seeing single-use plastic bottles?

I don’t know about anyone else but I get sick of seeing plastic bottles everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Lining supermarket take-out shelves, in bins, by the road, on the beach. Ok. If these bottles were used multiple times before being thrown away, it would be just a tiny bit more acceptable – but these bottles are used once, maybe twice, before being chucked away and lasting forever, polluting and littering the planet.

single use plastic
To make it even worse, a lot of them contain water, the substance – in the UK and other developed countries – available to use practically for free through the taps and perfectly safe to drink. And yet

In the eyes of me and my sister, that’s not right.

We’re not waiting for someone else who feels the same way to do something about it. Inspired by a TED talk by two Balinese girls who managed to ban plastic bags from their pristine island, we’ve set up our campaign, the Clear Plastic Bottles Campaign and a part of this will see us attempt to pick up 100,000 plastic bottles from all around our beautiful nation, the UK. That’s right, 100,000 plastic bottles!

Sadly and rather staggeringly, it works out as roughly one plastic bottle removed for every sea mammal that is killed by plastic rubbish in the oceans each year.

 We need help – fancy getting involved?

Problem is, judging by our calculations, it would take us nearly 5 and a half years to pick up 100,000 bottles, and that’s if we picked up 50 every day. That’s why we need you to help.

All you need to do is pick up a few plastic bottles from your local area, count them, take a picture and email it and the total to us. We’ll add your number to our running total and your picture onto the website.

As well as this, we are aiming to reach 100,000 followers on twitter (@ClearPlastic_UK). Like the plastic bottles, each follower will represent one sea mammal killed. If we do reach 100,000 bottles picked up, we’ll grow it to 1,000,000 (one for every seabird killed), or maybe even more – just think how much healthier the planet and it’s inhabitants will be if we clear that many plastic bottles!

So all you have to do to help us:

  • Get together with some friends and go and pick up any plastic bottles you see.
  • Count the bottles, take a photo and email the photo to us as well as the total bottles picked up (ClearPlasticBottles [at] dotrythisathome [dot] com)
  • Follow us on Twitter at @ClearPlastic_UK
  • Spread the word and get others to get involved

This single-use plastic bottle clean-up is just part of our Clear Plastic Bottles Campaign, which you can find out about here >>