Mother Nature is Speaking – Lesson 2 of 4

Mother Nature is Speaking – lesson 2

This lesson follows on from the introductory lesson exploring what Mother Nature means. It focuses on the “Mother Nature” video from the Nature is speaking film series and encourages the children to give their opinions and reactions. The children should ideally not have seen the film before.

The notes and suggestions below have been written with use of the Mother Nature – video follow up’ pdf in mind to help children capture their ideas and thinking.
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Getting started

Firstly, split the group into two; one group listens to just the audio from the “Mother Nature” video  while the other group watches the video without sound (see resources). Whilst watching / listening, the children need to think about what the video or audio is showing / telling them and subsequently how this makes them feel. They can do this individually or in pairs and record their responses on their sheet. Allow children to share their thoughts within their group before moving on.

Then ask the children to watch the video with both images and audio. Discuss whether this made the video better or not and if so, why? Encourage the children to record their individual responses on their sheets. Then focus on the message that is being projected in the video. Ask the children to identify the message and discuss how clearly this is delivered. Encourage the children to evaluate how successful the video was in achieving its goal by listing good or bad points on their sheets, or giving examples of what they thought worked and suggestions about how the video could be improved. If they struggle with this encourage them to work in pairs to share ideas before recording their ideas

Lastly, ask the children to think about how they would reply to Mother Nature and her message in the video. Ask them to write down their responses as if they were speaking or writing to her. Children that need support with this could carry out an imaginary conversation with Mother Nature, talking through their answer before writing it on the sheet. Spend some time sharing what the children’s replies are with each other.


Mother Nature – video follow up

Mother Nature video by Conservation International