Mother Nature is Speaking – Lesson 4 of 4

Mother Nature is Speaking – lesson 4

The fourth lesson is the last lesson linked to the Mother Nature film. It relies on the children having completed their own Nature is Speaking film as per lesson 3.

Getting started

Allow time for the children to watch each others films, sharing the difficulties faced and celebrating the successes.
This lesson pushes children to think about how they can use their films and what they can do to promote their film and its message using social media. In order to gain an understanding of how this is done, they need to carry out some research on how charities and businesses promote themselves using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and email.

Social media strategy

Each child then needs to plan how they are going to deliver their video to the outside world, with the aim of trying to gain as many Facebook likes, views on Youtube and Twitter followers as possible. The children will need to think carefully about who to contact, drawing up a suitable list  of people and companies that they might want to email or tweet. If doing this with individual children or small numbers then Twitter accounts might need to be set up with appropriate names. Alternatively, one Twitter account can be used but to differentiate between the different videos, simply use different hashtags. Children’s safety is important and any personal details should not be included or broadcast during this process.

Considerations for a social media strategy

  • Aims: Say a bit about what the aims of your social media campaign are i.e. what are you trying to achieve/ make happen? Mention any targets or goals you want to hit.
  • Tech: What technology [social media services] do you plan to use? Explain what they are and why you want to use them. Be specific e.g. send one tweet a day with a screenshot from my video and a link to it; One tweet a day asking for people to Retweet, ask people to forward an email etc etc
  • Audience: Who are you aiming your campaign at? i.e. who and what types of people do you want to reach?
  • How do you want your audience to react to your campaign? i.e. do you want them to do anything? Join your campaign? Share your messages?
  • Facilitators: Who are you going to try and help you spread the word? These people are a bit different to your audience – these are more like helpers. How do you want them to help you? i.e. what are you going to ask them to do?
  • Measuring success: How will you be able to measure how successful your campaign has been?

Review and reflect

Agree on a specified amount time in which to achieve this and once the time has elapsed assess how successful the campaign has been. Discuss what worked and what could or should have been done to achieve greater success.