New Book – 50 Evening Adventures

50 Evening Adventures

Our last book (Learning Outdoors) wasn’t picked up in the media as widely as our first book – which frustrated us a bit as we’d worked really hard to write it!

So, this time, we are taking things into our own hands a bit and using Thunderclap to try and give our new book 50 Evening Adventures a launch day boost.

The concept of the book – leaving work and getting home in time to have a mini evening adventure with the family before the kids’ bedtime – really changed our family life by helping us achieve a better work/life balance.

We hope it will give other families ideas for how they too can have simple yet fun mini midweek adventures and thus enjoy more quality family time together in the process.

If you’d like to find out more about the book, here’s the Amazon link.

Here’s hoping lots of families get to hear about this book.