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Confident Public Speaking In Three Easy Steps

  • A three session course – 17th, 24 November + 1st December
  • 6.30 – 8pm
  • 15 Places
  • At Pedlars Café, 128 Talbot Road, Notting Hill, London W11 1JA

Session 1 – Fears, phobias and the inner voice
Session 2 – Talks
Session 3 – Presentations

Join Tim Meek in a relaxed and friendly environment and make the important first steps towards conquering a fear of speaking in public. The Pedlars Café is the perfect venue for a get-together of like-minded people that want to develop the skills and competences to be able to speak more confidently in front of familiar faces, unfamiliar faces, friends, colleagues and anyone else that they might want (have) to communicate with in their daily lives. The sessions are limited to 15 places to ensure a open and encouraging learning environment.

Tim Meek has worked in education and publishing, but now is ‘self-empowered’ after he and his wife quit their jobs, sold their house and took their two daughters (Amy and Ella, aged 12 and 10) out of school to live a life of EdVenture, travelling around the UK and beyond looking for opportunities for engaging learning experiences and family adventures in the outdoors.

The Meek Family speak at festivals and shows about their travels and adventures and their talk The Good Life Experience earlier this year was packed to the rafters. Public speaking is something that was unfamiliar and uncomfortable to them all just over a year ago but now something they enjoy and even relish. In this time, Tim has also given numerous interviews on radio and TV, and earlier this year was invited by the BBC to record a talk for Radio 4’s Four Thought.

Tim has seen his daughters’ self-confidence and self-esteem grow as they have become more at ease with speaking in public; Amy and Ella have spoken on their own in front of audiences of over 450 people. He believes that with the right approach -one based on guidance, support, encouragement and gradually pushing comfort zones- the fear of public speaking can be overcome by anyone who really wants to overcome it, and, in doing so, a person’s performance -in social contexts and/or in the work place- can be significantly enhanced.

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