4: Orienteering

BaseCamp Adventure 4: Orienteering

Project BaseCamp, for us, is all about finding a balance between work and play (or family adventure time as we call it); looking for opportunities to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. This week we wanted to look for an activity to try in our local area, and one that Amy and Ella could invite a friend each along to enjoy.

So, we headed out from the BaseCamp with maps, walkie-talkies and some food and an abundance of enthusiasm, to a local park that had a permanent orienteering course. NB visit a local orienteering club website to access a selection of courses to try and print off the course maps.

To give our orienteering activity a bit of a fun but competitive element we split into three teams: two teams of two kids (the girls and a friend they’d invited) and an old fogie team (me and Kerry). The challenge was to complete the full course of 33 checkpoints and aim to be the first team back. OK – I know what you’re thinking: how can two parents clearly past their athletic best compete against four keen and energetic youngsters? Well, we knew the kids could map read (they are Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champions after all), but we also knew they’d spend some (maybe much) of their time gossiping and catching up – and that this would slow them down. Whereas, Kerry and I would not be distracted by idle chit-chat (I am a bloke after all and blokes do that) and this would give us the edge we needed!

Of course, the outcome of our orienteering performances isn’t important, but what is… is the fact we all finished with smiles on our faces and colour in our cheeks. We’d had a few hours fun running, laughing, enjoying and appreciating the outdoors and each others’ company – we got to see some wildlife too (rutting deer, squirrels, geese and even a close encounter with a heron).

Ever stuck for an idea of something to do in your local area, then look for an orienteering course to try and as well as the checkpoints you’ll hopefully find, you’ll certainly find a family-friendly outdoor activity that will put a smile on your face and make you feel good!

Thanks to Nottinghamshire Orienteering Club for helping us find an appropriate course this weekend.

For more information about Nottinghamshire courses, visit: http://www.noc-uk.org/
For more information about Swift's Basecemap, visit: swiftbasecamp.co.uk

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