Rambling to raise awareness

BBCCiNramble Last weekend (Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October) were the official days for the BBC Countryfile Ramble for Children in Need – a charity event that encouraged us to get outside and walk in the autumnal countryside. Nationwide, groups of people donned their yellow woolly hats and took to the trails.

Our chosen walk was a cycle trail that we chose to revisit from the previous weekend. Why – because we wanted to pick up all the plastic litter – mainly drinks bottles – that had been dropped along the route, discarded by people out enjoying the environment but spoiling it for others. Hidden amongst the autumnal leaf litter we many lots of the other sort of litter in the shape of plastic bottles, cups and packaging.

During our four-hour ramble we managed to pick up 257 pieces of plastic litter – another successful hoard to add to the total.

257Sherwood Pines

No yellow woolly hats this time but they are in the post and we’re looking forward to wearing them soon for another ramble!