Seaside cliffs: Tasty Tacos

Location: Seaside cliff

If timed right, the crashing waves can provide a lot of entertainment for everybody. They are spectacular to watch but also fun to dodge! We timed our arrival at the seaside cliff as the tide was coming in. The incoming waves rolled dramatically over the rocks and crashed onto what was once a pier. The girls (in fact all of us!) had a lot of fun dodging the white water as it splashed above our heads. If you hang around long enough, you might even be able to see a beautiful sunset.

Terrific Tasty Taco Tuesday! Inspired by Lego Movie, we decided to have tacos for tea since it was Tuesday!


  • Tacos
  • Chicken (or quorn)
  • Onion, chopped
  • Pepper, sliced
  • Mushrooms, sliced
  • Chopped tomatoes (with garlic and onion, or basil)
  • Grated cheese

NB. Best to keep the vegetables in large pieces because it makes it easier to eat in the tacos.

What to do:

  1. Fry the onion until soft.
  2. Add the chicken and fry until browned.
  3. Add the pepper and then the mushrooms.
  4. Pour over the chopped tomatoes and heat.
  5. Once all of the ingredients are warmed spoon into the tacos and add grated cheese. No need to add any salt to this dish – sea salt naturally in the air! For added kick, add chilli or jalapeño peppers. Alternatively, a dollop of guacamole on top gives it a more Mexican feel.

We regularly try and ‘eat out’ as a family. Why? Here’s a blog post about it.