Set yourself a challenge: quit or complete?

When you set yourself a challenge, you have two options: quit or complete.

One of the reasons we embarked on our 500 Fresh Air Miles Challenge was to give ourselves the little push we all sometimes need to keep us active and busy and looking to get outdoors. Having a target to aim for keeps you on your toes and motivated. For us, our 500 mile target means we look for places to explore, discover and get to know (by foot, scooter, kayak, bike etc). We visit quite a lot of new places (as we travel around on our Year of EdVenture) and we really like to see and learn about them, and interact with the locals if at all possible.

Today we folded up our scooters and caught a local bus about 6 miles East, alighting at a small quirky village on the side of the Brecon Monmouth Canal, and then pushing ourselves along the narrow and characterful tow path. Despite getting some valuable exercise and fresh air we spotted wildlife, names trees and played word games. The girls helped lock keepers open the gates and operate the sluice gates. We chatted with local people and the Amy and Ella were given a free lollipop for helping the lock keeper: “You’ve got to reward young ones that show a good work ethic.” I was pleased they showed an interest in others.. in life.. and were bold enough to get involved.

I’d encourage others to set themselves a challenge – no matter how small – because it mobilises you to do more, engage more and ultimately achieve more. After all, nobody wants to see themselves as a quitter, do they?