Spot a Comet

Comets are fascinating and are amazing to see. They are a big ball of ice, gas and dust mixed together. Scientists are still undecided about whether to call them dirty snowballs or icy dirt balls. There have been many famous comets through history:

  • Comet Lovejoy
  • Comet Haley (pronounced ha-l-ee)
  • Comet ISON

And many more. There are loads of these huge balls flying through the emptiness of space so it’s possible to see one if you go to a place with no much light pollution. Comets are incredible to see through a telescope or pair of binoculars as you get to see more details and the tails of the Comet clearly. A Comet has two tails- one gas and one dust. They always face away from the star (in our case the sun).

If you have a smart phone, get the Comet Watch app to see details of any comets currently within site, or will be visible in the near future.