T’ Northern Lites

Yorkshire, born and bred.
Strong in rhyme, with stuff to be said!

Dying is not time for regrets

When your time comes don’t retire to your death bed with any long last regrets. With no need to repent or remorse. No self reproach when that fateful day approaches.
Instead, way before you regress to your maker, well before your best-before-date, decide what matters to you, who matters to you … no matter what others might think.
For they might not think like you.
Or even think… or  like you.
Too often we do things because of others’ perceptions, not our own, which is less self-perception but more self-deception
Well, this is what I believe. With only the odd exception.

Bronnie Ware worked in palliative care and was there when patients wanted to share their thoughts about life.
For 10 years she listened to the dying; lending an ear and noting points of note in her diary.
She heard of 5 main regrets that people took to their grave, grave mistakes they felt they had made
Actually, often made through no fault of their own:
Simply working too hard, not spending enough time at home… with the kids.
Simple errors of their’s and society’s ways, ultimate terrors that are intolerable, yet completely avoidable

We ought to learn from others’ stories. And act with agency to weave our own story lines before we die, not ones written by society or cultural ghost writers in the present on our behalf.
You see, life’s no rehearsal, the stage you are on is for real and you are acting the lead in your own blockbuster; so make sure you live and give your best life performance, not something lack lustre.
True to form and a cultural norm, too many Homosapien home movies are mediocre at best; wasted talent, missed potential, opportunities knocked before making an exit stage left.
So what is your story going to tell? One of love, adventure, or of hope that fell… or regret?
Bertolt Brecht once said, “Don’t be afraid of death so much as an inadequate life.”
Like a line from Shakespeare … in love .. with wife strife.

Is it your Will to be who you want to be…, or not? – that is the question? That is your question.
How you answer it defines who you are.