Talking Games for Car Journeys

Just a Minute

Talking is a fantastic way of committing information to the memory. Having to explain something to others requires a clear understanding yourself. So, we use talking as a way of consolidating learning during car journeys. The ‘game’ that we play is based on BBC Radio Four’s “Just a Minute”.
  • To begin with we choose a topic to talk about. The topics are all based on places that we have visited and information that the girls have learnt. All of the topics are inputted into a whirligig app and then we select one one randomly.
  • The girls are then given two minutes to prepare; this gives them time to write down any notes and triggers for areas they want to talk about. Giving them time to prepare, gives them confidence to then start talking rather than being thrown in at the deep end and having to talk straight away (like they do on the Radio Four show).
  • After preparation time, there is a choice to be made: talk for one minute for 1 point or two minutes for 2 points. In the style of “Just a minute”, the girls then talk about their subject / topic for the allocated time without deviating or hesitating. We are not as strict as Nicholas Parsons and allow some repetition and slight hesitation.
“Just a Minute” is a firm family favourite, often listened to on car journeys. Our own version has also become a firm favourite; the girls are always to enthusiastic to play and are becoming better and better at talking about a subject. They have developed strategies for organising their notes and ways to link points.