Those that engage with life

Some people choose to walk around with their head looking downwards to the ground, avoiding eye contact with others and blanking out the activities of those around. As they occasionally glance up (to avoid walking into things), you can sense the fear in their flicking and flitting eyes, but for only a brief moment as they are quick to reconnect with the pavement or their feet, or whatever it is they stare at just to avoid seeing the Big Issue seller, the busker or the lost tourist seeking to find their way.

Experience tells me that these people are not happy.

Unlike the people that actively engage with others; who make eye contact, pass the time of day with strangers and who positively and actively support and encourage others.

As we stood on top of Mam Tor running a pop-up cafe raising money for Mountain Rescue, we met both kinds of people. The ones that stopped and chatted with us; found out what we were up to; donated to Mountain Rescue and even enjoyed a warming cuppa with us seemed more comfortable and contended with life… happier than those that avoided eye contact and took detours to avoid us.

It made me ask myself which type of person I am.

So, go on, ask yourself; do you stop and engage or walk past with head held low?