The Nottingham Post Environmental Awards

The Nottingham Post Environmental Awards

On the 20th October there was an environmental award ceremony run by the Nottingham Post and sponsored by The Wildlife Trust.  There were ten different categories and the two finalists for each category were invited to the award ceremony. We are very proud to have been selected as finalists for the Education and Environment award, sponsored by Cemex, and went to the ceremony pleased with being made finalists and excited about the possibility of winning.

We are proud to announce that we won our category! This is a big step forward in our campaign and having won this award means so much to us. The other worthy finalists were Asquith Primary School, who have made their school grounds more eco-friendly by putting in flower beds and planting lots of vegetables and flowers in the school grounds.

This award ceremony celebrated what people are doing to protect the environment and it was a pleasure to be invited. There many fascinating ideas that were put forward at the award and we have come away surprised at what the people of Nottingham are doing to protect the environment.

Our campaign, ClearPlastic_UK is trying to tackle single-use plastic beverage items but in particular plastic bottles because of their negative effect on the environment. Find out more at:

We are going to launch our own website for ClearPlastic_UK soon.

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