The Refuse 4 July Challenge


It’s July – and time to make a change!

This month, people far and wide are taking part in Plastic Free July, a campaign which encourages people to stop using single use plastic during July, whether for a day, a week or even the whole month! Now, this is pretty hard for most of us, right? Everything is wrapped in plastic these days, and Plastic Free July acknowledges that. As part of the campaign, you can choose to refuse just the four main plastic polluters, which we nickname the ‘Big 4’. These are plastic bags, coffee cup lids, straws and plastic bottles, which are much easier to refuse and is a manageable challenge to try and tackle.

But how does this relate to us? Well, Plastic Free July has inspired us to refuse plastic and reduce our negative environmental impact, but we know it’s hard to do. So, we brainstormed a challenge by the name of ‘Refuse 4 July’, which aims to encourage people to refuse the ‘Big 4’ and encourage others to do the same. There are only four steps you need to do to complete the challenge – and they’ll only take you a minute.

All you have to do to complete the challenge:

  1. Refuse one of the ‘Big 4’!
  2. Take a picture of you with your non-plastic alternative (eg. Your cup with no straw, your paper bag, your coffee cup with no lid)
  3. Post it on Facebook (with the hashtag #Refuse4July) and then
  4. Challenge and tag four other people to do the same

And that’s it – simple, right? Only four simple steps to do in order to make a change tis July.

By Amy (12), Ella (10)