This Girl DID!

From This Girl Can to This Girl Did

This Girl Can

“Today, only 12% of girls aged 14 meet the official guidelines for physical activity.” It’s quite a shocking statistic, isn’t it? This is only one of the many statistics included in the This Girl Can Case Study, published in early 2015 by Sport England and other partnership organisations. Its aim? To address the lack of women and particularly teenage girls participating in sport. It celebrates active women around the globe and encourages those not in sports to try them.

The Issue

Generally, adventure and sports are considered to be more for the male gender – tough, burly adventurers or athletic sports-men. There may be many girls encouraged to participate in sport and adventure, but recent research and studies suggest that this issue, the lack of girls in sport and adventure, is ongoing and one that still needs to be addressed. But is the problem really the shortage of opportunities for girls, or is it in the confidence of the girls themselves? The This Girl Can study did state that 75% of girls “are self-conscious about their bodies”, so is this partly the problem?

How the Outdoors Can Help

Personally, I feel that gender shouldn’t prevent anyone from adventuring. Nor should body shape or ability. I’ve been adventuring all my life and I know that no one judges you outdoors. No one laughs at lack of ability. The most important thing is about getting outdoors in the first place, taking that first step that may lead to much more and finding your passion. If you try different things, you never know, it may open a door to something you never would have considered before. You may find your passion – something that you enjoy doing, that brings you a sense of happiness and helps you live up to your full potential. You don’t have to try tough or strenuous activities – start small.

Do activities like go for an off-road cycle ride or trail run in your local woods or countryside. And soon enough, you’ll be glad you did start and will be left thinking not only this girl can but also this girl did.

By Amy (12)