Try Slacklining

Slacklining is a relatively new activity that involves suspending a piece of nylon webbing, under tension, between two anchor points e.g. trees. It’s a simple sport that can be practised in a range of settings, such as the outdoors.


  • Enjoy nature
  • Great outdoor core exercise
  • Harder than it looks

One of the great appeals of slacklining is that absolutely anyone can try it and enjoy it.Whether you are young or old, fit or fat… the line is ready and waiting for you.

The main skill involved is balance; just standing on the line and maintaining control of your balance is tricky in itself. Walking along the line is harder still, but something most people will be able to master quick quickly.

If you do try slacklining you will also be surprised at just how tiring it is! Balance and stability exercises like slacklining are great for strengthening the body’s core muscles, as well as the fine motor muscles around the knee and ankle joints. As a result, slacklining is quite a popular rehabilitative activity.

There are different types of slacklining technologies, including a ratchet tensioning system, but we opted for a lighter, more mobile friction system by PURE Slacklines; this is the product we are using in the photographs. It’s really easy to setup and easy to carry around – so it will be permanently in our rucksack from now on.

So, give slacklining a try… stop slacking, and get slacking!

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