VIRTUOUS: Get “thank you’s”

Virtuous Challenge

Do virtuous acts in order to receive 10 thank yous.

It doesn’t cost anything to say thank you but it will put a smile on the face of the person receiving it. Doing a virtuous act should also make someone else feel good and in return you may receive a ‘thank you’. The virtuous act that you choose to do does not have to be complicated and simply holding a door open for someone or waiting to allow someone to pass before you shows awareness of others and patience.

Ella completed this challenge at Ferry Meadows, Nene Park. When reflecting on this virtuous challenge she said:

<em>”This was an easy and enjoyable task because we got to meet friendly people that said, “thank you”. Since doing this task it’s made me more aware of how many times you should say thank you in the day because lots of people do nice things and we often don’t notice how often they happen.”</em>

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