VIRTUOUS: Litter picking

Virtuous Challenge

<strong>Go litter picking for one hour. All litter must be sorted into the appropriate bin (general waste or recycling).</strong>
Litter is unsightly and unnecessary. In some cases it is also dangerous for wildlife. Most responsible people put rubbish in bins or take it home but unfortunately a small proportion don’t. In order to carry out this virtuous act dedicate an hour (more or less) to picking up rubbish in order to improve a location. Use litter pickers or gloves to avoid touching any rubbish. Once you’ve collected the rubbish, do your bit for the environment by recycling all that you can.

Amy completed this challenge at Ferry Meadows, Nene Park. When reflecting on this virtuous challenge she said:

<em>”I didn’t think we’d find much litter when we were walking around because the park is well kept but I was surprised by some of the things that we found. The most disgusting was a half full coke bottle. We made sure that we recycled all that we could. I enjoyed being able to help the park in a small way.”</em>

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