VIRTUOUS: Volunteer for charity

Virtuous Challenge

Go to a charity shop and be a volunteer in the shop for one hour.

Charity shops rely on people volunteering. The very nature of a charity shop is to raise money for the charity and to not have to pay wages. Giving your time to help in a charity shop is a virtuous act and therefore an appropriate virtuous challenge. Choose a charity which you want to support and ask in the shop if you can help out. Most charities will appreciate any volunteered time.

Amy completed this challenge in the RSPCA shop in Cromer. When reflecting on the challenge she said:

“We passed the RSPCA shop in Cromer when we first arrived and that’s where we returned today. The people there were very nice and kindly let us complete our challenge. We started by transferring some – well a lot – of books to a different shelf. This was actually harder than it sounded as I was the one carrying all the books to the other side of the room whilst my mum just sorted out the order! It was hard work and we eventually ran out of room! But, at the end of the challenge, when the hour was up, we had the satisfaction of doing something good.”

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