Wild River Swim

Wild River Swim

Whether you want a refreshing morning wake-up after a night’s camping, or you just want to experience a river from a whole new perspective, a wild river swim is certainly going to be fun and exciting (and probably quite cold).

  • Great fun
  • Wear a buoyancy aid
  • Wear a wetsuit

But don’t let the thought of the cold put you off… just be prepared for it mentally (and ideally, materially as well  – by wearing a wetsuit!)

Of course, apply commonsense safety precautions to make the experience safe for everyone in your group/family

  • walk up stream to check out the stretch of river you are to swim in before you jump in and float down
  • children should probably wear a buoyancy aid or life jacket, particularly if the river is cold
  • you may want to put helmets on children (and adults) if you plan to navigate down any white water sections

So, when you are all prepared and psyched up, step into the river and go with the flow – literally.

Wild River Swim in the Peak District

For a more adventurous, adult appropriate river swim, you might want to do something more akin to Alastair Humphreys


Wild River Swim 2