6. Wild Run

BaseCamp Adventure 6: Wild Run

Project BaseCamp, for us, is all about finding a balance between work and play (or family adventure time as we call it); looking for opportunities to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. This week we wanted to #getoutside for some exercise and to appreciate the environment by doing a wild run!

Running with a view

Wild running or trail running is a sport that involves running in the outdoors on trails away from roads, in more rural environments. You can follow set routes or create your own and you don’t have to be an ultra-elite athlete to be able to do them! So if you’re going to run, it makes sense to choose trail running or wild-running since it not only gets you outside exercising but enjoying the views at the same time.


Getting outside for a run is an easy family adventure; all you need is a pair of trainers. Then find a nearby location to explore. Since the sport of trail running is becoming increasingly popular, it is possible to find set routes to follow at places such as Forestry Commission sites if you don’t want to make up your own.

Trail run through the woods

Sherwood Pines 5km route
Last weekend for our family adventure we left Basecamp and drove to Sherwood Pines, a nearby Forestry Comission site, popular with cyclists, dog walkers, families and now runners. They have a Wild Run trail – a circular 5km route that winds through the woodland. Whilst the rest of the country seemed to be threatened with snow, we were lucky enough to bathed in winter sunshine and certainly enjoyed the beauty of the woods as we ran together as a family. We all completed the first circuit but some of us went on to complete it a second and even third time, clocking up a total 23 miles! 

Running is going to play a large part of our lives in 2017 as we try to complete the Trail Running Magazine’s #run1000miles challenge. We enjoyed this trail and will no doubt return to run it again as well as look for similar ones.


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