Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild

The Wildlife Trusts 30 days Wild challenge called for people to go wild every day through June – we certainly responded to this call and are doing our bit to ‘pick up for nature’ (picking litter and rubbish from a wild place every day). Many other people are doing many other things – making this challenge personal and meaningful to them. It looks like the response has been huge – they’ve run out of postal packs of resources (although you can get an online version by signing up here).

There will, however, be lots of people that may have missed the start of this challenge, or didn’t hear about it (or think they didn’t want to take part) that may wish they had done.  If that is you, then don’t worry about having missed the start and not being able to do it for a full month, just join in from now on. You see, the 30 day challenge itself isn’t the important thing – no, it’s the taking part, the getting involved, the connecting with nature and wildlife that is the reason to do it. And this can happen at any time.

So, get involved, and better still – get involved and encourage someone else to do so too.