DO lots, HAVE less… and get the kids outdoors more

We’ve SOLD our house, QUIT our jobs and TAKEN our kids out of school in order for us to increase the amount of quality family time we have.

OK, it’s a bit of a drastic move (and I don’t recommend you go and rush into it) but we did it because… well… life is too short not to, isn’t it?

Our home for a year - or more?

Our home for a year – or more?

So, we are currently heading around the UK living in a caravan and ‘schooling’ our daughters, Amy (11) and Ella (9) as part of our latest family adventure – or Ed-Venture as we call it.

Find out more in our blog.

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Journey 3 – 5 miles on the South Downs Way

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Clocking up some more miles for our 500 Fresh Air Miles Challenge Exploring the areas we visit as part of our Ed Venture and getting some views and exercise too….

brighton marina

Journey 2 – 6.8 miles Brighton Undercliff

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Journey 2 – Brighton Undercliff One of the great appeals of our 500 Fresh Air Miles Challenge is that anyone can do it. 500 Miles might seem like a daunting…

family pic crystal palace jpeg copy

Journey 1 – 11.5 miles into Central London

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The #Begin inspired 500 Fresh Air Mile Challenge has begun! An urban journey, on foot, from Crystal Palace to Central London, taking in five green parks: Crystal Palace, Dulwich, Brokenhurst,…


JANUARY Challenge – make more of your 5 to 9

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Our recent survey on how modern living is impacting on family life indicated that WORK and MONEY are the two main factors that parents feel are getting in the way…

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Country Park: Gnocchi

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Location: Country Park There are plenty of country parks around the country, welcoming urban folk into the countryside for fresh air and beautiful views. A country park is therefore the...

Weir: Ginger beef stir fry

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Location: Weir After a short trip to see salmon leaping up a Scottish river, we returned the next day to cook our one-pot at the same spot with the hope of...
Taco Tuesday

Seaside cliff: Tasty tacos

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Location: Seaside cliff If timed right, the crashing waves can provide a lot of entertainment for everybody. They are spectacular to watch but also fun to dodge! We timed our...
River meal small

River: Open fish pie

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Location: River The location provides plenty of opportunities for fun and exploration. Go paddling or try skimming a stone: choose flat stones and throw them at a flat angle across...

Adventure is out there; you’ve just got to go and look for it! – Amy, aged 7