DO lots, HAVE less… and get the kids outdoors more

We’ve SOLD our house, QUIT our jobs and TAKEN our kids out of school in order for us to increase the amount of quality family time we have.

OK, it’s a bit of a drastic move (and I don’t recommend you go and rush into it) but we did it because… well… life is too short not to, isn’t it?

Our home for a year - or more?

Our home for a year – or more?

So, we are currently heading around the UK living in a caravan and ‘schooling’ our daughters, Amy (11) and Ella (9) as part of our latest family adventure – or Ed-Venture as we call it.

Find out more in our blog.

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A tracking solar panel

It’s learning kids, but not as you know it – Nov

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Sometimes the TV programmes we watch (like Great British Bake Off) give us ideas for how to engage Amy and Ella and make their learning fun and memorable. And because…

1.Nec 14-01 14 copy

It’s Learning kids, but not as you know it – Week 5

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WEEK 5 in a year-long journey of learning, not schooling Last week we were pitched on a temporary campsite (a car park actually); not the most attractive of sites, but the…


It’s learning kids, but not as you know it!

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WEEK 4 in a year-long journey of learning, not schooling We were in Scotland again last week, but only just – we’ve been staying at Melrose in the Scottish Borders….


Cooking outdoors with the children

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Cooking is a skill often passed down through generations. My mum taught me how to cook and I hope to encourage my girls to develop the skills and love of…

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sand angel

Make a sand angel

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We’ve all heard of a snow angel, but a sand angel? They’re not as common. But the same concept applies to both, except one is done on sand, the other…


Message someone’s day

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Messages capture the attention and interest of… well, us all; inspiring or day-to-day comments, it doesn’t really matter! Wouldn’t you like to make someone’s day? All you need to do is…

French skipping

French skip

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Instead of sitting inside your house watching the telly you should decide to go outside and do an activity like French skipping. All you have to do is get two people to put their legs inside a…

all 7s bal and wall

Play ball to wall

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There are various ways to play this game – and various names for it too. Ball to wall or ‘Sevens’ is a simple game to play. All that is needed…

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Weir: Ginger beef stir fry

| 50 thrifty | No Comments
Location: Weir After a short trip to see salmon leaping up a Scottish river, we returned the next day to cook our one-pot at the same spot with the hope of...
Taco Tuesday

Seaside cliff: Tasty tacos

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Location: Seaside cliff If timed right, the crashing waves can provide a lot of entertainment for everybody. They are spectacular to watch but also fun to dodge! We timed our...
River meal small

River: Open fish pie

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Location: River The location provides plenty of opportunities for fun and exploration. Go paddling or try skimming a stone: choose flat stones and throw them at a flat angle across...
Forest - small

Forest: Curried beans and rice

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Location: Forest A forest or wood can provide a wonderful after school playground and magical setting for an evening one-pot. Before cooking, explore the area for trees to climb, dens...

Adventure is out there; you’ve just got to go and look for it! – Amy, aged 7